How nerdy are you?

Find out how nerdy your are with this pathetic nerdy test. :3

Created by ihaileehoward on 11/30/1999

Take the How nerdy are you? test.

How many anime series/movies have you watched in your lifetime? (Popular animes: Hetalia, InuYasha, The Tokyo Mew Mews, etc.)

How many mangas or comic books have you read so far in life?

Do you know what creepy pasta is, and if your do, how many creepy-pasta-stories have your read?

Do you play or watch Pokemon?

Have you heard of Digimon?

Do you have any collections? Like card, crystal, rock, action figure, plushies, cosplay, or manga collections?

Do you play any kinds of video games? Such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Mario Cart, Drawn to Life, Age of Empires, etc.

Ever heard of Vocaloid?

Have you ever went to an anime or video game or manga convention?

Do you go on even though you think you're too old for it?

Do you read books?

Ever heard of Warriors by Erin Hunter? If so, have you ever seen all the fan-cartoons and/or voice acted in on e on Youtube?

Have you ever voice acted in anything on Youtube?

What is/was your average grade in school?

Do you know HTML coding or how to hack a computer? Do you have a above average knowledge of computers and/or technology?

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