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Created by luakatrina on 10/13/2012

Take the Who knows me best? test.

What is my favorite color?

What was the first car I owned?

Of the answers below, which do I have a mini phobia of?

What class did I take twice in High School just to fill the hour?

Where is my momma from?

What mix breed did I used to have?

Where was my first job?

What is my favorite home cooked meal?

During Basketball in High School P.E., the other girls called me "A _______ on the court!"

Which country have I NOT been to yet?

In my spare time I am probably....

You might have to drag me kicking and screaming (at least on the inside) to do this...

What is my middle name

Where did I go for Flight Attendant training?

If I wasn't a Flight Attendant I would be a ...

Which of these is not a costume I wore for Halloween?

I will never get a ...

I have never...

I would like to visit my sponsored child in...

How many years have I been training Capoeira?

I am ...

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