Anatomy 4


Created by roatf on 11/30/1999

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Which of the following statements regarding intramembranous ossification is FALSE?

The stages of intramembranous ossification include all but one of the following. Which one does not occur?

Which of the following statements regarding endochondral ossification is FALSE?

Which of the following is FALSE regarding growth in bone length?

inducing tissue = tissue stimulated by induction

The lateral plate mesoderm is induced to condese and grow outward by somites in limb budding.

The limb bud is composed of an outer ectodermal cap and an inner mesodermal core.

The differentiation of underlying mesoderm in a budding limb induces the ectoderm to differentiate.

Which of the following is NOT formed by the lateral plate mesoderm?

Musculature is formed by the:

Which of the following is NOT formed by the neural crest?

Which of the following is false regarding differentiation in limb development?

Presumptive bones are formed as the LPM condenses to axial mesenchymal columns.

The somite divides into two parts during the formation of limb muscles - myotome and sclerotome.

the lobster claw deformity is autosomal recessive with variable penetrance.

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