Big Nate:On A Roll TEST!!

How well do you know Big Nate Book 2 (If you have da book, you will get more points)

Created by Starkotman on 04/25/2013

Take the Big Nate:On A Roll TEST!! test.

Which person is not in detention with Nate?

What does Francis do when Teddy is about to show Nate the new member?

Which of these Warm Fuzzies is fake?

Nate is a super athlete and Artur...(page 49)

In Nate's comic, Chad think's that when Nate's dad is sleeping, it was a _____ coming after them.

How much rhymes did Nate come up with in Chapter 6?

What does Nate NOT call his belt-leash combo?

Who is NOT in the Math Olympiad?

Who is NOT in the Dorkiness hall of fame?

How much wall hangings did Artur sell?

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