Really, Really, Really Hard Harry Potter Quiz

Created by alteregoluver on 11/30/1999

Take the Really, Really, Really Hard Harry Potter Quiz test.

Book 1 On what day of the week does the story start?

Book 2 “Magical activity that risks notice by members of the non-magical community” is banned by what section of the International Confederation of Warlocks Statute of Secrecy?

Book 3 What type of owl sent Harry his Hogwarts letter?

Book 4 How far away from Privet Drive is the Riddle House?

Book 5 In “The Quibbler” on what broomstick did a wizard claim to have ridden to the moon?

Book 6 What did Cornelius Fudge transfigure the muggle Prime Minister’s tea cup into?

Book 1 Which of these is NOT one of Mrs. Figg’s cats?

Book 2 What specific job did Mrs. Weasley want a house-elf to do?

Book 3 Finish this quote, “Them Azkaban guards give me the ________.”

Book 4 When Mrs. Weasley picks up one of Fred and George’s fake wands what did it turn into?

Book 5 While making the Draught of Peace Harry forgot one ingredient. What was it?

Book 6 What was #4 on the Ministry of Magic leaflet on “Protecting your home and family against the dark forces.”

Book1 In which class was Oliver Wood when Professor McGonagall brought Harry to meet him?

Book 2 What ailment did Professor Lockhart claim to cure a yeti of?

Book 3 During the after part for the Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw quiddich game, what book was Hermione reading?

Book 4 How much did Fred and George charge for their Canary Creams?

Book 5 Which educational decree banned “The Quibbler”?

Book 6 How many visitors are allowed in the hospital wing at one time?

Other What was the name of the dog-lover JKR deleted from Goblet of Fire?

Quiddich Through the Ages From whose writing do we learn about the early formation of quiddich?

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