The Hardest Buffy Quiz you will ever take...

Created by fumles16 on 11/30/1999

Take the The Hardest Buffy Quiz you will ever take... test.

In the episode "Something Blue" (Season 4 episode 9) what is written on the novelty mug Spike is drinking blood out of?

In the episode "Fool for Love" (Season 5 episode 7) Spike's cruch Cesilly reapears as what character in later seasons?

In the episode "Out of my Mind" (Season 5 episode 4) Riley asks a comando how many fingers he is holding up. What is the comandos response?

In the episode "Fear Itself" (season 4 episode 4) what hallaween charater does Oz go as?

When Spike was at Woodstock what caused him to spend the next six hours watching his hand move?

In the episode "Tabula Rasa" (Season six episode 8) how many kittens does Spike owe the shark demon?

In which episode does Spikes reflection appear?

In the episode "Two to Go" what language does Jonathon think the anti-magick book is written in?

In the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (season 1 episode 1) when Xander finds Buffys stake what does he think she uses it for?

In the episode "Anne" (season 3 episode 1) what is the name of the girl Buffy helps?

In the episode "Storyteller" (season 7 episode 16) how does Andrew describe the Bringers?

In the episode "Him" (season 7 episode 6) how does Spike and Xander connect the jacket with the love spell?

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