Stupid Husband Quiz: Is Your Husband or Boyfriend Stupid?

Created by peachesandplums on 11/30/1999

Take the Stupid Husband Quiz: Is Your Husband or Boyfriend Stupid? test.

Why are you taking this quiz?

Have you TOLD your boyfriend or husband that he is retarded, stupid, etc.?

Do you often hear your husband or boyfriend saying to himself, "How could I be so stupid??" or similar?

As far as you are aware, has he been diagnosed with any mental disease or defect?

Has your bf/husband's stupidity ever caused a major catastrophe (heart attack, stroke, panic attack, car crash, fire, etc.)?

Is your husband or boyfriend able to read?

Is your husband or boyfriend able to write?

Can he tie his OWN shoe and keep it that way?

Have others threatened to put your husband or boyfriend out of his misery?

What's your significant other's level of education?

Overall, how do you think your husband/boyfriend will score on this test?

Will he come if you shout, "Here, Boy!" In other words, does he follow directions?

Has your husband/boyfriend ever been convicted of a crime?

What would you guess his IQ to be (or, you may know it!)?

When your significant other runs, does his tongue hang out and/or does he pant like a dog?

Does he have an odor? Does he have hygene problems?

Does he stutter a lot?

Does he know a lot of facts that are not useful in daily life?

Does he know how to cook without causing a fire and/or ruining food?

If your boyfriend or husband is WAY stupid, are you going to tell him about it?

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