Test Your Horror Movie IQ!

Created by HonorableShadow on 11/30/1999

Take the Test Your Horror Movie IQ! test.

In Aliens (1986), what is the name of the xenomorph-infested colony?

What now-famous male movie star got his first big role on Nightmare on Elm Street? (1984)

What novella was Hellraiser (1987) based off of?

Who is the only surviving Camp Crystal Lake counselor in Friday the 13th? (1980)

What are the first creatures that Rose sees in Silent Hill? (2006)

What is the name of the girl in the Japanese film Ringu, which inspire The Ring? (2002)

How was Tony Moran, the actor who played Michael Myers in Halloween (1978), listed in the credits?

What was the tagline for Dawn of the Dead? (1978)

In The Grudge (2004), what relationship is Ted Raimi, actor who portrays Yoko's boss Alex, to director Sam Raimi?

Which of these film series had a 3-D incarnation?

Which of these is NOT a story found in Creepshow? (1982)

What is the mysterious room in The Shining? (1980)

In Psycho (1960), how much money does Marion steal?

Where was The Lost Boys (1987) filmed?

Who was The Thing in The Thing from Another World? (1951)

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