Sphinx quiz (How smart are you to challenge a sphinx?)

Created by SilverCat01 on 11/30/1999

Take the Sphinx quiz (How smart are you to challenge a sphinx?) test.

Sometimes blue, sometimes weeping.Sometimes twinkle, sometimes beaming. Never indoors, but yet the ceiling. What am I?

I face my brother, he faces me. At our sides two more I see. Together we make room for thee.What am I?

In the morning, four legs I have. In the afternoon, two dissapear. At night, I grow one. Then at night,I'm gone for good. What am I?

Made of ten but two are we. Five apart and we are weak. Five together havoc wreak. What am I?

Despised am I by knave and lair. After me the wise inquire. I rise above all death and fire. What am I?

Shapeless, I take shape. Unguarded, I escape. Death in excess death without slake. What am I?

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