Anthropology 2A

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The oldest and most universal mode of subsistence is ____. a. food foraging b. farming c. hunting d. pastoralism e. fishing

Some anthropologists refer to food foragers as "the original affluent society" because ____. a. they manage to accumulate a lot of wealth b. they occupy the most attractive environments with abundant food supply c. they live in marginal areas and are ve

Sexual division of labor is influenced by biological factors. Which of the following is not a relevant factor in determining sexual division of labor? a. Men are more expendable for purposes of reproduction. b. Women with nursing children are restricted

To say that food foraging societies are egalitarian means that ____. a. there are no status differences b. the only status differences are age and sex c. everyone is equal except women d. men are usually subordinate to women e. children are the center

Someone who uses irrigation, fertilizers, and the plow to produce food on large plots of land is known as a(n) ____. a. horticulturalist b. agriculturalist c. pastoralist d. hunter-gatherer e. industrialist

____ are food producers who specialize in animal husbandry, and who consider their way of life to be ideal and central to defining their identities. a. Food foragers b. Horticulturalists c. Intensive agriculturalists d. Pastoralists e. Industrialists

The cultivation of crops using hand tools such as digging sticks or hoes is a type of farming called ____. a. agriculture b. slash-and-burn c. horticulture d. low-tech farming e. pastoralism

One of the most significant characteristics of the food-producing way of life was the development of ____. a. permanent settlements b. transient populations c. skillful hunters d. adept gathers e. increased egalitarianism

A(n) ____ system is one in which goods are produced, distributed, and consumed. a. economic b. political c. religious d. kinship e. industrial

Tools tend to be fewer and simpler among ____. a. mobile food foragers and pastoralists b. semi-permanent horticulturalists c. sedentary agriculturalists d. wealthy industrialists e. rice farmers

Reciprocity, redistribution, and market exchange are three modes of ____ goods. a. producing b. planting c. harvesting d. consuming e. distributing

When an Australian hunter gives away most of his meat to relatives without specifying what is expected in return, he is exemplifying ____. a. generalized reciprocity b. negative reciprocity c. redistribution d. potlatch e. market exchange

A Navaho gives ten of his sheep that he knows are infected with disease to a Hopi in exchange for a jeep. This is an example of ____. a. generalized reciprocity b. balanced reciprocity c. negative reciprocity d. silent trade e. redistribution

Balanced reciprocity ____. a. is part of a long-term process in which nothing is specified about what is expected in return or when it is expected b. involves the expectation of a specific and immediate exchange c. usually occurs between members of diff

The Kula Ring ____. a. is a marriage ring made of shells b. is found among the Ju/'hoansi c. is found among the Andaman Islanders d. is a circular trade route along which various goods flow e. is a form of silent trade

The system by which goods flow into some central source, and then out again to the community is called ____. a. a Kula Ring b. redistribution c. a cargo system d. reciprocity e. market exchange

From an economist's point of view, "market exchange" is defined by ____. a. the purchase of goods in a marketplace b. the buying and selling of goods and services whose value is determined by supply and demand c. the role of middlemen who bring buyers a

Which of the following is not a reason why recruiters from multinational corporations might try to recruit anthropologists? a. Big businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on the raw materials and labor of "Third World countries," which are typicall

Something used to make payments for other goods and services as well as to measure their value is called ____. a. contracts b. IOUs c. credit d. barter e. money

People related through marriage have a(n) ____ relationship. a. consanguineal b. incestuous c. affinal d. endogamous e. nuclear

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