Anthropology 2C

Created by chelsftw on 11/30/1999

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A ____ is a regional polity in which two or more local groups are organized under a single authority figure at the head of a ranked hierarchy of people. a. band b. kindred c. chiefdom d. phratry e. common-interest association

The primary means of distributing goods in a chiefdom is a. reciprocity b. negative reciprocity c. redistribution d. market exchange e. silent trade

A centralized political system with the power to coerce is a ____. a. tribe b. chiefdom c. state d. tonowi e. redistributive system

How is social order maintained in bands and tribes? a. public beatings b. murder carried on under cover of darkness c. occasional use of police and the court system d. threats of killing the first-born child e. gossip and fear of supernatural forces

____ is viewed most simply as organized belief in the supernatural, and all fulfill numerous social and psychological needs. a. Curanderismo b. Magic c. Shamanism d. Voodoo e. Religion

Belief in ____ is found in societies in which women make a major contribution to the economy and are relatively equal to men in power and authority. a. mana b. gods c. goddesses d. fetishes e. ancestor worship

A rabbit's foot in Western culture; the overwhelming sense of beauty with which a particular place "such as Yosemite or the top of Pike's Peak, or Luke Skywalker telling Han Solo, "May the Force be with you"--all of these may be used as examples of ____.

Ceremonies such as bar mitzvahs, elaborate wedding ceremonies, baby showers, and graduation parties that help individuals make major changes in their lives are referred to as rites of ____. a. transition b. intensification c. separation d. passage e.

Which of the following illustrate the psychological functions of religion? a. Among the Holy Ghost People of the United States, handling snakes and drinking strychnine is a common feature of their worship; one explanation of this behavior is that by confr

A ____ is a deliberate effort by members of a society to construct a more satisfying culture. a. divination b. rite of intensification c. fetish d. segmentary lineage system e. revitalization movement

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