Are you a "weeaboo"?

Let's see just how obsessed you are with anime, manga and Japan...

Created by AnEvilBrat on 06/02/2008

Take the Are you a "weeaboo"? test.

Do you cosplay (dress up) as a character from an anime or manga that you like/love?

Do you only draw fanart/write fanfiction of anime and manga characters you like?

How often do you watch/read anime/manga?

Do you try to learn Japanese?

How do you study/learn Japanese?

Do you use Japanese words when talking or writing? (Example; You baka!)

Do you use chan/kun/sama/etc at the end of names? (Example; Hello, Lisa-chan!)

Do you know how to read/write kanji, hiragana and/or katakana?

Which do you prefer, dubbed anime or subtitled anime?

Have you ever heard of Naruto, Inuyasha and/or Death Note?

If you could, would you travel to Japan this week?

Which is the proper pronunciation of "yaoi"?

Do you have real Japanese clothing? (Example; a kimono)

Katana or shuriken?

Do you eat with chopsticks?

Do you wish you were Japanese?

Do you want to become a manga-ka or anime animator?

Do you have anime wallpapers on your bedroom walls, tons of manga and anime videos, plushies, etc?

What would you do if someone told you they think your favourite anime/manga sucks?

Japan is...

Do you think you're a weeaboo?

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