Hardest IQ quiz in the world!

so maybe not the hardest in the world...but yea. in civics today he gavve us this quiz just 20 short questions! good luck and have fun! :) If you want an explanation of any answer feel free to message me :) also if u want more (some i couldn't put on here, it would give away the answers) message me. *WARNING THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL TEST OF YOU IQ!!)

Created by lightening101 on 11/30/1999

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Twice 4 and 20 blackbirds were sitting in the rain, I shot and killed a seventh part. How many did remain?

Is there a forth of July in England?

Can a living man in Winston-Salem, N.C. be buried west of the Mississippi River?

How many birthdays does the average woman have?

Some months have 30 days, some have 31 but how many months have 28 days?

if a doctor gave you 3 pills and told you to take one every half hour how long would they last?

a man builds a house with 4 sides to it and each side has a southern exposure. A BIG bear walks by- what color is the bear?

How far can a dog run into a forest?

what four words appear on every domination of the U.S. coin?

What is the minimum number of active baseball players "on the field" during any part of an inning?

Here is an easy one for you: How many outs in each inning? (were talking baseball for those who don't know)

A farmer had 17 sheep. All but 9 die. how many are left?

Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. What do you get?

Take 2 apples from 3 apples and what do you have?

How many animals of each species did Moses take aboard the ark?

Is it legal in California for a man to marry his widow's sister?

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