How well do you know the Catholic Faith?

No cheating. ;D

Created by PorcelainRequiem on 03/21/2009

Take the How well do you know the Catholic Faith? test.

Catholics are supposed to go to Mass...

True or false: Catholics are only required to receive Holy Communion once a year at Easter time.

True or false: Catholics worship Mary as well as God.

True or false: The Catholic Church was the very first Christian Church, established by Christ, Himself.

"Chaire, kecharitomene", the greeting that the angel Gabriel said unto Mary, literally means...

True or false: Mary was always without sin.

Who committed the first sin?

True or false: The rosary was given to Saint Dominic by Mary, herself.

True or false: Saint Dominic used the rosary to exorcise 15,000 demons from one man.

Which of the following phrases completes this passage? Gen. 3:15 "I will put enmity between you and the woman, between her seed and your seed..."

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