Is Your Boyfriend Verbally Abusive???

I was in an verbally abusive relationship myself. I created this quiz to try and help people. I do want people to go through anything I went or didn't go through. Any gender could do this quiz I guess. But I wasn't in an abusive relationship with a female so I'm guessing theres similaritys. I hope this quiz helps you in some way. Rihanna's making a big mistake. To bad, she wpuld have been a good romodel for abused women.

Created by lolitanextdoor on 11/30/1999

Take the Is Your Boyfriend Verbally Abusive??? test.

Does he have high expectations for a girlfriend?

Does he have a low self esteem?

Does he act like they are above you?

Are you pressured for sex?

Can he be cruel but also extremely loving?

Does he have emotional problems? If so, then does he deny he needs counseling?

Does he have a past that involves being abused verbally, physically, or sexually? Or has he witnessed such abuse?

Is he an angry drunk?

Are you often unhappy, seeking approval, or nervious?

When he does not get his way does he try to make you feel guily or does he get angry?

Does he pressure you to buy him things?

Does he make you think no one else would love you but him?

Have you grown up to physical, verbal, or sexual abuse?

Is he lazy?

Has he ever yelled at you?

Does he repeat mistakes he says he won't make?

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