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What do I believe in? What must I fight for and what must I fight against? - John Steinbeck, East of Eden

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Hey you. I'm a civil engineering major and spanish minor in college. The old, old one-shots I have up will be my only works. Shoot me a line, I don't bite. But I'm not very active anymore. I'm on maybe once every two or three months.

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November 29, 2012


This is long overdue. I am very, very, VERY aware of that. We're talking almost FIVE YEARS overdue. I moved to fanfiction.net on May 22, 2007. I then moved to Lunaescence.com on January 2, 2008, at which time I abandonned this account. For the next three years, I was on both sites. After that, I learned of a start-up website some of my favorite authors had opened, and became the 56th user of Jamlyfics.com in March of 2011.

I now write/post on Luna and Jamly under the penname Shade.

I still occasionally post on Fanfiction.net under the penname Blood Sucking Fox.

I have been known to come on the website occasionally when I get really nostalgic. And then I realize this is no longer the website that I fell in love with nearlyeight years ago. THIS account was not my first on Quizilla. But it is the current one. I have been lurking this website since 2005, with a long string of accounts. random0kunoichi027 being the first. xXxEdwardsxXxAngelxXx being the second. Kurai-Setsuhen being the third. This one being the final.

If you wish to find me, all you need do is search for the usernames I provided on the websites I provided.

You can message me. I'll get back to you eventually. But if you're a dear friend trying to get back in contact with me, I suggest looking me up elsewhere for a better way of contacting me.

Peace. Z.

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