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August 4, 2012

Hello Quizilla! Long time no post :)

How is everyone? I haven't officially been on Quizilla in forever. It's alittle funny to think that I use to be on every single week, and I hope to pick that style up once more. I enjoyed posting, and hearing from those who read my stories, or quiz takers that had opinions whether good or bad. I appreciate both thoughts, criticsism is always needed

I'm heading into a new phase of my video addictions: Dragon Age. It's just so freaking cool, and I reccommend it to any avid video game player, or even a beginner (you can adjust the setting so don't fret). It's a roleplaying game that transports you into the world of the middle ages, where you fight the Blight (basically like the end of the world). If you like video games, roleplaying, medival times, or just wanting to waste some time. Beware, it is a life stealer (in my case), and is the reason why I haven't posted on Quizilla in forever. What can I say? It's my guilty pleasure, and I hope you can enjoy it almost as half as much as I can.

So on another note, I have plans to further my stories and quizzes. Here's a list of upcomings that if Quizilla allows me to post, you can expect:

Cross Academy: An Everlasting Dream|Vampire Knight|cho8
Did The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl [Kenny] Cho5
|Hell's Butterflies|bleach|cho7
I Need You, Just Like You Need Me [Haven] Cho3
I Swear, I'll Wait For You Forever [Ember] Cho2
I Wanna Love You [Vlad] Cho3
I'm Falling In Love, But It's Falling Apart [Stevie]ch03
Listen To Your Heart [Rave] Cho4 -------------------------------- I hope torigal98 is excited :)
Love Bites...But How Hard? [who will fall for you?] #o5
Slump Or Comeback of Ouran -ch11- ----------------------------I hope MikayaHanayasha is excited!
We Change, We Wait [Xavier] Cho4
Which Emo Boy Are You Falling For? #5
Which Emo Boy Is Falling For You?! #21--------------------------I hope lilmisspunk is excited!

Also, I intend to do some oneshots here and there, and maybe even produce more dragon age origins (and 2) quizzes for your enjoyment. It's great to be officially back, I hope you all enjoy my quizzes and stories like before!!

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