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Dear my love haven't you wanted to be free I can't keep pretending I don't even know you,don't try to fix me I'm not broken

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hi im 7dogslover=3I'm a girl just adding, i lov any thing anime the ones im addicted to at the moment are 1)Rise Of The Guardians 2)Sargent frog!! 3)hetalia and black butler and 4) vocaloids i also like alot more I'm also gothic-punk and some scene I under stand people and DON'T judge anyone so if you wanna talk dont be shy to message me I'll listen :)

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January 12, 2014

ill always help

Hey guys 7dogslover here and i just wanted to say i posted something saying ill listen if any one is lonly,depressed,feels like giveing up or just wants someone to talk to or a friend,to message me i wont make a change but like i said i know what its like to feel you heve no one to talk to,soo please read my newest post and if you do and agree with any of it message me im allways on.Dont give up ill allways listen please read the thing in posted and have a good day everyone is importent bye guys <3

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Sep 14th, 2014

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