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I love The Outsiders.

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Hi. I'm Allybeth.

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stories You Saved Me From Suicide. {Johnny Cade} ~~1~~
Published in Stories on 08/06/2011
lyrics I Need Someone.
Published in Lyrics on 08/06/2011
polls What do people usually label you as?
Published in Polls on 08/06/2011
polls Which Johnny Cade Story Should I Continue With?
Published in Polls on 08/06/2011
stories I'm Glad To Be A Greaser Girl [Outsiders] (1)
Published in Stories on 08/06/2011


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August 6, 2011

I feel like my stories are no good.

That's why I keep trying to make new ideas, keep making new stories. But I never have any good ideas to use. Mine always seem so goody-goody. I wish I knew how to make some badass stories. None like so lovely-dovely and goody-goody. It's kinda hard, 'cause I've been raised as a goody-goody, hopeless romantic. It makes me sick... well, sometimes.

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lyrics click here to title your lyrics 08/06/2011
quizzes Which greaser would date you? *girl's only* 08/06/2011
poems Michael Jackson 08/06/2011
lyrics Better Than Revenge: Taylor Swift: LYRICS! 08/06/2011
quizzes What sponge bob character are you? 08/06/2011

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