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My current nom de plume is Eya; however, Loliko is another identity of mine. I am a fusion of the east and the west. I play football, love fashion, read novels, drink lots of tea, party every once in a while, submerge myself in music and travel often. I absolutely love feedback and constructive criticism. ♥

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February 6, 2011

“Oh my, Mr. Kirkland, that six-string of yours is really hot~”

TAGGED BY: Nietono-no-Shana

Thank you, Ji-Ji, for tagging me. I had a lot of characters to choose from, but I settled with Iggy, because...him being a teacher = pure sexiness. ♥

"If your favorite character was a teacher...."

Introduction please!


Arthur Kirkland
from Axis Powers Hetalia

What would he/she teach? Why?


A plethora of literary works originated from the guy, so I see no problem with him handling this class at all. He’ll love to discuss them, especially when it comes to the fairytales; he’d probably bring his friends for show and tell, though I doubt that the students would be able to see them and instead be perturbed by the fact that he’s talking to himself~



Why not? A lot of the mainstream/popular bands come from the UK; say, The Beatles, for example. He’d probably show off his ‘tattoo that really hurts but it’s a six-string!’ to his students. Though, I can’t help but wonder if ‘six-string’ has any other meaning. [/winku]

How would he/she act in a Classroom?

He’d be throwing criticism here and there, but he’d care a lot about the development of his students. He’d be a bit of a tsundere, methinks — no, let me rephrase that; he is tsundere, keke~The females will forever compete (until they graduate, anyway) for the number one spot in his class…and for his ♥.

And when he gets depressed, he'd probably drink all his sorrows away and strip in front of the whole class. IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS.

Would you like to attend this class?

I’ll be his best student EVAAAAAAAAR.


Anybody who’s interested in having a hot British teacher who has an accent that’s sexy as hell. Anybody who’d care not if his teaching would suck, so long as they get to eyerape him~

…Well, specifically;

Meloxique; HimaRules; gamu; KhannyMsia; Suzuranko; IEatWerewolfBabies; grimmjownii; SabrinaRocks314 and you, and you, and you, and YOU. ♥

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