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There isnt much you need to know. If you even care to know something about me ask. If you dont - not like I care. If I dont want to know about you why would you care to know something about me o.0

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October 24, 2011

Red ribbon week!

This week is red ribbon week at my school. We do these crazy things every day of this week for red ribbon week.
Monday we sign the red ribbon pledge that goes against drugs...ok maybe that one isnt too exciting.
Tuesday is the "team up against drugs" day were we wear our favorite team attire...ok again not too exciting.
Wednesday is are "drugs are tacky day" Now this on is the one Im looking forward to. I get to dress all weird 'n stuff! How cool is that!
Thursady is our "combat drugs" day were we wear all camo. Think about it. If I were to lay down in the grass you wouldnt be able to see me! :D Ok thats alittle too random o.0 butatleast we have a half day. This day I am looking forward to. And to everyone else who dosent get a half day today I have one thing to say...SUCKERS!!! Lol. JK...or am I...? No Im just kidding.
Friday is are "wear red day" were you well...wear red! I find it kind of boring but think about it! If everyone were to wear red in the school and no other color...THAT WOULD BE LIKE AWSOME!!! :D
~unknown person who you will not know the name of unless I feel like telling ya :P

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