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Fuck the world and let's get high ~Cassy

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Okkkkk so haven't updated this in a long time but this will be my last one. I'm deleting this account, Quizilla is to fucking glichy and I hate it here, I hardly talk to anyone, my works been stolen, no one even send me messages back anymore, and frankly I dont care. I am going to make an account on two other websites but later when my writting actually starts getting good. So no point in saying anything else much. So adios ~Cassy out

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August 14, 2011



WOW so havn't updated this in a long time... or even been on here much lol but ya things been happening and work needs to be done lol =P

Well....Im not sure anyone even reads these XD....=,( in a way thats kinda sad lol

Ok so maybe some updates are in order I might do some shorts stories and poems haha Ive been writting them all in my book haha its this black note bok I carry with me like everywere haha I write in it, draw,ideas lol anything really...I guess if some one really wanted to know the real me they would have to read it but no one really is allowed to touch it and even the people who do sometimes cant see the real words that lie in it =P


Got my hair cut FINALLY! my fringe is looking awesome! lol and my highlight look Sexy XD not really lol

Ok CuttingxLove for those who actually read it......well I know were I want to go with it...Its just that Im redoing the whole story and Im adding and taking people away putting new ideas in etc etc Just need time to do it lolz

OMG! Watched some really GREAT movies a while ago Hungry a horror about Cannablism AWESOME!!! XD


Is it just me or cant anyone upload new pic here???


I miss Charlie =( WHEN YOU COMING BACK!?!?!?!?! DX

Well I started singing again....I STILL SUCK!!!! XD lol and my arts coming along =P haha Im playing a new online game called KAW~ Kingdoms At War Its friknin Kick Ass!!!!! XD

Awwwwww I miss visiting my friends =/ Im like not allowed out the house most of the time DX ARGH~!!!

BUTTTTTT I cant wait for our trip to Europe at the end of the year!!! AWWWW YEAH!!!!! XD French and English boys ;D





Soooo I think that it for now lol soooo yeah.......One more thing...I Love You Guys O3O XD



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