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There's always a choice in these you put some happy, funny, sentence or a serious, almost over-dramatic song lyric?

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Hello, I'm Moose. Really? No, I'm not about to tell you my real name, am I? Welcome and please enjoy your stay. And why not stop by the gift shop? I'll tell you why not, there is no gift shop. While you're here, always remember various safety guidelines, such as "Don't bother reading anything written before 2012". Message me if you'd like, and I hope you have a nice day~

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May 25, 2014


Eating: NothingListening to: Happiness of Marionette

You know, I've been debating over whether or not to take down my old stories for a while (especially everything pre-2012. Especially early FMA and Hetalia stuff.) (shudders a lot). They're old, embarassing, and probably offensive.

BUT-They're just the sort of thing I'd want to read when I was a sad 14-year-old, so I'm leaving them up for a new wave of readers to read, and, like I did with other stories on this website, wish they were current. I don't want to deny future people the experience that I had.
Also, this site was a big part of me, and was really the lifeline keeping me going in summer 2011. And out of respect for the help that all these silly stories were, I want to leave them up.
Maybe years from now, I'll look back and laugh and be glad I left them.I mean, I don't regret them. (Not yet, anyway :p)
See you!
PS: If you are a person looking for a dumb laugh and find it in my old fics, and, like me, feel really sad and empty when you see people have 'moved on' from things you like, I'm so sorry. I still do think Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the best mangas ever, and still love Hetalia, and I've also picked up a love for Higurashi and Umineko. (And got really into Higanbana within the past week, when I started the second night.) I draw more than I write now, though.
Question of the journal: What's the last song you listened to, and did you like it?

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