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"Let's Drink Beer, Let's Drink Beer. It Makes my Mind Clear. It Takes Me Away From Here."

Aye!Ello Everyone! I'm finally able to get updates!!! But, not a lot...Well, I finished SwizzleStix's drabble series trade, and RainStarr's Dino Cavallone oneshot. It's a start, but I'm working towards finishing all my requests.

IM SO SORRY!!!! School! HIGH SCHOOL!!! It's my first year into high school, so I'm still trying to adjust to the HOMEWORK!!! Plus, there's also the fact that I'm balancing Handbells at 7 in the morning and then working until at the school and staying until 5 at night.

Hm...Well, that's pretty much it...Oh! And the title of my journal, well, it's not related to this... ^_^" I just wanted to throw it in there since I had no title...and I am listening to this song right now. It's funny. The song is titled "Let's Drink Beer" by Ikena Dupont. My Hawaiian Island kine music! Chee Hoo!!!

Well, here's a little story for you about this song. It happened today in my Creative Living class. Mt teacher assigned us to get into groups and create up two skits about alcohol; both about how kids get pressured into dinrking it; one where the kid refuses, and the other where he accepts.

Anyway, during my groups turn (which consisted of me being the only girl), my classmate (a real local kine boy with all them local kinesongs) had planned to use this song as part of our skit. Very original, might I add. So, he said what we would do is he would wait outside with the empty soda cans acting as beer cans, and we would use my phone to call him. We would put him on speaker and then he would answer and come in later.

When my other classmate (another boy. I was the only girl in that group!) called my classmate outside, my other classmate (who was also a boy, but not in our group) started to play the song. And then everyone was watching the door to wait for my local boy classmate to come in. And just when he came in, the song started to sing really loudly "Let's Drink Beer, Let's Drink Beer". And everyone laughed. It was so funny. Ahahaha...Plus, when he came in, he looked the part too. Local kine boy carrying two six pack "beer" (soda) cans. Aye. That was a good laugh today.

Sorry for wasting your time!!! L OUT!!! (CHEE HOO!!!)

Posted at 5:06 AM EST on Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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