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Naruto 501: The cutest chapter,, by far~ Baby SasuNaru and Naruto and his mommy were too cuteā™„

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I'm Mira!! I love to write,, dream,, and think.. I read books as much as I read manga/watch anime which is almost all of my time....when I'm not watching TV.. I'm not a couchpotato,, though,, I LOVE sports and martial arts and shizzle.. :] The rest needs no words~ [[Current Food Obsession: bread, cheese & butter]] [[Current Manga Obsession: Monster]]

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C: I know you ALL missed my lame attempts of reviews so,, to please the (1/2 a fan) I decided to do Naruto for you guys~

That and the fact I have nothing better to do :3

Naruto 493: Dark Naruto! or The Same Naruto with Darker Eyes

- The cover is half of Naruto's face frowning and the other half smirking . . . with dark eyes *dissapointed*
-Naruto is wondering if he has a long-lost twin brother
- Dark!Naruto: . . . I'm you, dobe=.=
- Naruto doesn't remember doing kagebunshin because he never did one,, what part of 'I'm you' isn't comprehendable?!
- Naruto should be pissed. That's three people living inside of him: Kyuubi, Minato, that frog he swallowed, and now his evil twin brother.
- Naruto shows that he is pissed through his idiocy
- DN claims to be the real (smarter) Naruto.
- DN: I am your precious hatred . . . your dark part . . .>:)
- Naruto: Sasuke? Is that you? HAVE YOU COME BACK?!
-DN: =_= This is why Kyuubi likes me better.
- We get a froggy flashback of a few chapters ago . . . because Kishi must assume all his fans have memory loss
- DN: Poser!
- Naruto gets heavily offended and goes to attack himself (suicide?) but ends up failing because he has the same strength as himself
- Naruto: NO U >(
Killer Bee is so awesome he wrestles FRIGGIN BEARS for fun and WINS
- This man is my hero :'D
- Hachibi tells Bee that even though Kyubi's an asshole, he thinks he should help Naruto
- Hachibi remembers his wild-child days
- Bee doesn't want to hear anything that doesn't rhyme, this guy needs his own manga
- Naruto does a kage bunshin no jutsu.
- DN does the same, and it's shocking that Naruto's shocked.
- Motoi explains the Waterfall of Truth and that Naruto is fighting another Naruto inside his self
- Naruto wakes up
- Yamato: PLOT! D: *glomps*
- Naruto:There was an evil man of hatred inside me*pant pant*
- Yamato: Another Sasuke dream?
- Naruto: D: He looked like me!
- Yamato: . . . must be the frog.
- Naruto tells his war story on how he was so strong he couldn't defeat himself
- Motoi tells Naruto he won't gain Kyubi's friendship if he doesn't defeat it
- No one knows how to defeat DN and Killer Bee obviously won't help Naruto
- Naruto tells Motoi to give him the 411 on Bee to see if he had a depressing past (Naruto has a speech for those)
- Motoi has a flashback of last chapter *facepalm*
- Motoi: I'm not usually one to gossip but if I must . . .
- Everybody hated Killer Bee, too, just like they did Naruto
- ....but he was too awesome for wangst and whining
- In fact, he made people jell-o he was a host
- Hachibi-chibi is adorable~♥
- Young Raikage was type sexy in his youth *suggestive eyebrow raise*
- It's cute that Bee tried to be proud for his big brother
- Naruto, be ashamed, someone not you completed their training faste. Well, it's Bee, the Chuck Norris of this manga so you had no hope *shrug*
- Motoi is a Killer Bee fangirl
- Naruto: :D Then you can ask Bee to help me since you guys are practically BFF's by my standard *fail standard*
- Motoi. >.> Uhh . . . I kinda tried to kill him so he might not agree . . .
- Prepare for next chapter to be full of flashbacks right and left. (Only it's okay because it's Killer Bee)


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