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I fall in love with boys who have English accents, LOVE the Peri-Peri chicken at Nando's, wear skinny jeans, listen to One Direction :)

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Hey, guys! I'm 14 now! I blow out the candles on February 24!! I love soccer, skinny jeans, Supras, music, One Direction, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and baseball. Been a Directioner since I first heard "One Thing". BIG iCONic Boyz fan. Of course I miss Vinny! Thats why Im also a ♥ Directioner♥ Belieber ♥ GRANDerz♥ Constancian♥ Mahomie ♥ ICONiac ♥ Lovatic♥ lol. Follow me on Twitter @GRANDerz24

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January 20, 2012

Real Madrid 1-2 Barcelona

Madridista's Forever, right? Even if we lose to Barcelona. One game. We'll win the next one. So don't give up. Ronaldo, what a great goal. And Iker, there WASa reason why my middle name is 'Casillas' and not 'Messi'. I;ve loved you sicne I was little, so, dont cry and Que te mejores pronto! I hope you win the next game. Even if you dont, you'll still be my favorite person/role model/ goalkeeper/ player in the world :]
Te amo <3

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Sep 21st, 2014

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