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"For Now On I'll Call U Nao The Narsassist!!!" -Ghost Hunt

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My name is Audrina (Uh-dreen-uh) . But I'm 18 yrs old. I'm born on Feb.28th almost leap yr!! and I luv this site to death!! I didn't have an account when I first went on here but I luved it!! and I desided to make one and I started making quizzes. I'm a Senior in High Skool and I luv luv luv anime!! My friends call me the anime's biggest fan lol. I hate Naruto doe! don't ask y I just do. but if u wanna no more about me hit me up k? thnx for the time of reading this lol! bye!!

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May 17, 2010



Me:*hyperventalating* Zero!!! ZERO!!!!



*Jeremy falls over*

Light: -_- We apologize Audrina if drooling over the fact that Zero from Vampire Knight. Vampire Knight is suppose to b in english dubbed soon and Vic Mingolia...don't know how to spell his last name is going to b playing the part of Zero so her two lovez are mixed together


Light and Jeremy: -__-

Light:We promise that Audrina will b back to normal soon. We thank you for your couaporation(sp??)

Jeremy:Lata gatas!!!



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