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Konnichiwa! I normally go by Blue or Blue-chan. I'm a true born-again Christian :) Fav movies: Narnia 2, Night at The Museum 1 and 2, HSM 2, Pirates of the Carribean 4, Cars 2, Mary Poppins. Fav shows: Bleach, Death Note, Hetalia, Durarara, Doctor Who. Fav music: Owl City, Lemonade Mouth, Skillet, Escala, Celtic Women. Hobbies: writing anything, drawing, cosplaying, iPhone, Wii, 3DS, watching anime, swimming, hanging out with best friend.

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stories YBWYTK (chapter 20)
Published in Stories on 02/17/2013
stories YBWYTK chapter 19
Published in Stories on 11/07/2012
polls ACES: alternate in between flashbacks and present time or not?
Published in Polls on 08/16/2012
stories A Cloud Eclipses the Sun ~chapter 1~
Published in Stories on 07/29/2012
stories A Cloud Eclipses the Sun (Death Note) sneak peek
Published in Stories on 07/26/2012


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August 16, 2013

I'm here! No worries!

Hi :) Don't worry. I'm not dead. I would say school has been keeping me which it was, but it's also much more. I got a job since the last time I posted a journal entry which was about...*gasps* ONE YEAR AGO!!! Frick!! Ok, well happy birthday to Isane Kotetsu...since the last journal entry featured that. I wish she would appear in the manga more. The downside of being a megafan of a semi-background character. BACK ON TOPIC!!!

I am currently writing one of the last chapters of YBWYTK. Once that story is finished, I can focus on ACES :) I'm still suffering from a slight writer's block though which really sucks, but I'm going to push through it for you guys and for the sake of writer's block sufferers everywhere!!! ...dramatic but I'm serious.

Also, I'm rewriting YBWYTK because I've been going back and reading previous chapters of it and...yeah, I know I can do better than that now. So, if you want to check out the version with less brainsores, look up the story title on My username is isaintheblue (Isa is not my real name, just saying). Also, the brainsoreless version is not a reader x L fanfiction. It's the same storyline only with a character I created. It's easier for me to write that way as well. I created her with you L fangirls in mind though so if you want, just imagine yourself in the characters position and let the fangirling commence once again ;)

Currently listening to "Clarity" by Zedd and "Cyber Thunder Cider" by Vocaloid VY2

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Sep 19th, 2014

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