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[ mou ikai~? ❊ mada dayo! ]

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Blue~♥ Passionate gamer. Headstrong student. Unpredictable fangirl. Proceed with caution -- she might just snuggle the heck out of you.

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January 15, 2012

Fairy, where are you going~? ;w;


DROP AND GIVE ME 20 CHAPTER 13 IS OUUUUUUUUT~! Go get ‘em, girls! :D

Just a quick, quick review of what’s going on in Bluetopia and what you shall be expecting this week! Bear with me, ne~? :3

The poll’s been pretty heated in battle~! Well, for 3 main categories. SHOW SOME LOVE FOR THE OTHERS~? Har har, anywho, seems like KHR is still burnin’ around here, so yes, expect one of those three to be updated and published very soon~ Depending on my poor little mind, I may publish a variety, or chapters of just one of the series this week. THE OTHERS WILL COME OUT SOON. BE PATIENT, GRASSHOPPERS.

Requests are going to be closed now. Mainly because no one wants any anymore AND I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHY. Blue’s lazy bum bum is the key factor. ‘TILL FURTHER NOTICE, REQUESTS ARE CLOSED.

Happy weekend, or what’s left of it anyway~!

OFF TO WATCH FMA IN THE THEATERS. I cried tears of joy when I found out it was playing.

‘Till then!

Blue&Sebastiano&Giotto happy famiry~

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Sep 20th, 2014

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