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If Being Able To Read You Is A Gift..Why Is It Such A Curse?

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I'm 19, My name is Jenn, It's very original, I think so :P Well I have another account I needed more room so I made this one. My other account is innicetn4ever. So Basics about me :P I'm fun and loving I can't live without music or anime, I love dancing and writing! Feel free to message me to be friends or even ask for banners or any random question [= Simple and to the point hehe =D I'm not easy to anger,but I am easy to hurt,So be very very careful cause I am A very very fragile person

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Published in Stories on 02/28/2013
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Published in Stories on 02/28/2013
polls Which Girl Is Prettier?
Published in Polls on 02/26/2013


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stories Taking One-Shot & Baby-Daddy Requests. Information Form. 02/28/2013
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stories Wolf 06/04/2012
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