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FINALS WEEK! Don't expect to see much of me!

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Crazy-Chan [x] Graphic Design Major [x] Alfred F. Jones [x] Novice Painter [x] Drawing [x] Legal Drinking age [x] San Diego [x] Member of TheFlayboyantFive [x] (Here be the Facebook) brandy.tova

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stories Charming Prince [Prince Wilfred] BMP
Published in Stories on 02/02/2014
stories Charming Prince [Prince Wilfred] BMP
Published in Stories on 02/02/2014
stories Never To Call His [Claude] BMP (Oneshot)
Published in Stories on 12/28/2013
stories Years [Alfred F. Jones]
Published in Stories on 11/15/2013
stories A Lover's Lullaby [Armin]
Published in Stories on 10/12/2013


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August 16, 2013

Hey Bros

tumblr_inline_mpdw7vn3w61qz4rgp.jpg tumblr_inline_mr5gs9nzUv1qz4rgp.png tumblr_inline_mr5ghlxGNv1qz4rgp.png

Yo dudes, sup?

I just wanna let you all know that for a fact, I will be updating less frequently now. Classes are resuming Monday and since I have an online Bio Anthro class, it requires a load of attention ue to research papers.

I promise I will try to update as best as I can, mostly for the Levi AU series and Daddy Dearest.

Also, I promise to work on Sister of Mine, Teach me how to Swim, Testing Patience and other series i seem to be forgetting at the moment, sometime during the semester.

BUT...if you wanna stalk me (and you can) my tumblr is there for the stalking: =7= my theme is cotton candy color just letting you know!

Thanks for understanding!

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Sep 18th, 2014

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