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Since Quizilla won't let me post stuff for some reason, check Luna for updates.

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Hello. Swedish, 20, obsessed with Axis Powers Hetalia. Ha en bra dag! :D --- I hang around here too:

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stories ¤APH:Colors of Love:France¤ -7-
Published in Stories on 02/20/2014
stories 024~Happiness~[100 Theme Challenge]
Published in Stories on 01/18/2014
stories 023~Foreign~[100 Theme Challenge]
Published in Stories on 12/24/2013
stories ¤APH:Colors of Love:France¤ -6-
Published in Stories on 10/03/2013
stories APH:Last Time:Spain - ESC
Published in Stories on 08/12/2013


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December 16, 2013

No hiatus

Just want to say that I'm very much alive and not on hiatus. I'm working on stories from time to time, but real life decides to come in the way very often. Some day I'll post someting, I promise. After all, it's soon Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you get a lot of snow, eat gingerbread cookies and get to spend time with loved ones.

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Sep 23rd, 2014

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