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You and who's army?? - Neville BAMF Longbottom ;P

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Greetings!! People call me Meg.... because it's my name XD I'm 16 and live in Wrexham. I live for the Harry Potter Films!! Most of my stories will be about the Harry Potter dudes... Neville is a sex god XD .... xxx Peace ¦P P.S Check out my sets at

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Published in Stories on 04/12/2012
polls Please take.. What story do you want me to write?
Published in Polls on 03/09/2012
stories Mean [Taylor Swift] - iPod Shuffle Game..
Published in Stories on 07/23/2011
stories iPod Shuffle Game
Published in Stories on 07/22/2011
stories iPod Shuffle Quiz
Published in Stories on 07/22/2011


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August 25, 2011

GCSE Results :L

There should be a GLEEFUL mood above :D
Got my GCSE Results. Couldn't get any higher that a C because I went to a Support Centre because I was bullied and have depression. And the Support Centre could only afford to let us sit Foundation level GCES's.

So, results:
Science- C
Maths- C
English- C
Prep for Working life- C
R.E- F
My dream of beinga Nun's out of the window.... Oj x
Soo... yeah XD

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Sep 30th, 2014

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