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【you're pulling the trigger all wrong.】♠

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leigh. taurus. redhead. ageless. b-baka. ♉ homestuck; hetalia; kingdom hearts; john; karkat; dave; tavros; what is a bias?; etc, etc. ♉ i enjoy messages! ♉ "even landlocked lovers yearn for the sea, like navy men."

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stories ριtιƒυℓ ♥ | terezi pyrope
Published in Stories on 06/25/2012
stories ==> Follow the leader. 「karkat vantas」
Published in Stories on 06/18/2012
stories maybe in time, you'll want to be mine. ×【america】
Published in Stories on 06/10/2012
stories 【never change;】soul eater evans.
Published in Stories on 04/30/2012
stories Adorabℓe;; Canada❤
Published in Stories on 04/27/2012


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July 8, 2012

new start.

i'm really sick of this profile and i've decided not to write on it anymore. i'm going to take something things down (such as the things i've poted that i've fucking hated and the things i've let my sister post under my name without saying it was her who wrote it).
so yeah, no more writing on this thing. not even logging onto it. just taking some things down, keeping some up. yada yada.
thanks for the memories, guys. love ya.

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Sep 20th, 2014

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stories mardy bum: roxy x dirk 06/29/2012
stories 「нoω I мeт чour ƒαтнer」 • 30 • Hetalia 06/29/2012
stories awkward : sollux captor 06/26/2012
stories ❝darling cradle❞ ❣ eridan. 06/23/2012
stories something so ; dave strider 06/23/2012

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