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"Life and death come and go like marionettes dancing on a table. Once their strings are cut, they easily crumble." Requests are currently closed. Always ready to RP :)

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About Me

I live in South Africa | I love Bleach, Hellsing, Yugioh, Fairytail, DRRR, DGM, One Piece & KHR | I love to read, write, dance in the rain & go mad with friends | Jrock/ Visual Kei/ Alice Nine forever!! | Message me if you ever want me to write something for you :)

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July 28, 2013

Of Self-Stupidity, Awesome Readers & a Long Writing List

Yes, I'm back here again~! Winter camp killed me, school is annihilating me and between Ramadhaan, trials and lack of sleep, I've murdered all eighteen of my lives. Now I just have one left - oh the joy :P

A big shout out goes to all my readers, even those just passing through :) My view count on my stories and my profile soared while I was away so thank you so much! Also, thanks to all those who requested something from me!! I'm still slogging through them but I promise to get them out soon. Though I find it weird that nearly all of them ask for either smut or a lemon O_o

~~~~Writing Schedule~~~~


(Not in any particular order)

musiclover1072 - Trafalgar Law Oneshot

Derurasu - Sting Eucliffe Ficlet

Derurasu - Gray Fullbuster Ficlet

RedHeadV - Uchiha Sasuke Two-shot

AppleLovingShinigami - Captain Hans Oneshot

BleachMyLife - Kyoraku Shinsui Oneshot

Rocklover15 - Jack Sparrow/Will Turner Oneshot

Rocklover15 - Alucard Oneshot

leafXkunoichi- Yamamoto Takeshi Oneshot

Hetaliachokolesniklover - Alexander Anderson Drabble Series

CLMyFunhouse - Sawada Tsunayoshi Drabble Series

Princessblue233 - Roronoa Zoro Oneshot

Did I miss anyone? I hope not. These are all the requests I still have to do. I'll close requests temporarily sometime in the coming week. Otherwise I'll be pushing myself beyond my limits - actually, I've already done that!!

Contest Entries

xSalvatoreXPrincessx - Crazy, Stupid Love ☾85% Complete | 10% Posted☽

MizzGinger - The Joys of Summer ☾12% Complete | 0% Posted☽

ShinoxX - Creative Mess ☾4% Complete | 0% Posted☽

aGOREYdemise13 - Summertime lovin' ☾98% Complete | 98% Posted☽

kamuidesu - She's So Fine ☾0% Complete/Posted☽

KindleSpirits - Life Lessons ☾10% Complete | 10% Posted☽

dorimidoko - Skinny Love ☾1% Complete | 0% Posted☽


What have I done to myself?????

Oh well. Please enjoy the hotness of Xanxuswhile I finish watch One Piece - and cry over Ace (T-T)


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Sep 19th, 2014

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