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I'm pretty awesome... I listen to a hell of a lot of music (literally anything apart from mainstream pop and Jazz) but I especially love alternative and metalcore. I listen to bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, A Day To Remember and Killswitch Engage. I draw and write a lot too, i get labelled Emo and wear dark clothing but my mood tends to change often so I'm really unpredictable:P

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polls Favourite My Cemical Romance album?
Published in Polls on 03/22/2012
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quizzes Would I date you? (Guys only please)
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quizzes Which are you? Emo, Goth, Cyber Goth or Scene?
Published in Quizzes on 02/19/2012
polls Favourite Band? (lots of choice, message me if I've missed YOUR favourite)
Published in Polls on 01/21/2012


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May 4, 2012

Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone!I was dead excited today, I even set a reminde o my phone, lol.May The Fourth be with you!

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Sep 20th, 2014

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