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HETALIA A BEAUTIFUL WORLD! Hetalia season five...thank you hetalia.

Okay! So hetalia season five is finally coming and it's called hetalia a beautiful world. I'm really glad that they're making a season five but I'll miss the old art...I mean why change it? It was great before. Some things I really like though like the backgrounds and stuff...but I feel like they've changed it a little too much. I don't know...maybe it's only me...but I like the way they do England he looks good and so does America! France looks...really different with his hair like that and it makes me sad to see it all change....but it's okay... It had to happen right... Any ways! I just really hope none of the English voice actors change! And they animated hetalia fantasia! So I'm really happy about that! And it has the old art! So that's good! I hope they dub that with the original actors too! If not ill be really sad...please don't let it all change too much...when I found the show I was maybe 11 years old and i was up at five in the morning...I turned on the anime channel and really all I could think was...WTF IS THIS CRAP....and after a little it grew on me...and I showed it to my friends and we all became hooked. Since then anime has been my whole life! Before that I already liked anime but this...sealed the deal! I wrote fan fics, one shots, stories, oc's and I even rp hetalia. I went to my first convention for hetalia...and It will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you hetalia for making me who I today.I know that a lot of you may feel the same way. Because of that one chance at five in the morning...I've never been happier in my whole life.

Posted at 12:59 PM EST on Monday, January 21, 2013


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