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When Your Life Becomes A War, Set The World On Fire|| So Take Your Hand In Mine It's Ours Tonight, This Is a Rebel Love Song ♥

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helloh c: , my name's kate im 15 . i LOVE Black Veil Brides! BVB ARMY FOREVER♥. i LUFF anime 8D . im a very awkward,weird person, and i have very low self-esteem. i like meeting new people so MESSAGE ME! :3 kbaii. song atm; The Hell Song-Sum 41

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stories xXxGiveYouMyAllxXx{Chapter12}
Published in Stories on 04/15/2012
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Published in Stories on 03/29/2012
stories xXxGiveYouMyAllxXx{Chapter10}
Published in Stories on 03/28/2012
stories xXxGiveYouMyAllxXx{Chapter9}
Published in Stories on 03/10/2012
polls Who's hotter/cuter/sexier? c; {EmoGuys}
Published in Polls on 03/06/2012


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