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"If you place a parchment with your wish written on it into a small bottle, and let it drift into the sea, then one day your wish will come to fruition." Kagamine Rin

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Hiya I am called erinska (well thats my user name) although some of you may know me as ellenthefox. I LOVE SONIC and pokemon und I'm from ENGLAND!!!!! I ADORE fruits basket and D.N Angel and Pokemon and yugioh ect.... I love bands like All time low,Paramore, Evanescence and more but I cant be botherd to put them. Youtube account-ellenthefox dA account-Ellenthefox

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stories The day my cousin came to visit.
Published in Stories on 09/07/2011
polls what book should i start my D.N Angel fan-fic from?
Published in Polls on 06/02/2011
stories What Do They Think Of You? (Yes i finally did it FurubaJB15!!)
Published in Stories on 05/08/2011
stories Much ado about Fruits Basket pt 2 (YOU KNOW?!)
Published in Stories on 04/27/2011
stories Much ado about Fruits Basket
Published in Stories on 03/22/2011


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September 4, 2011

I Died XD

Yup. But I have come back as a gost so no need to mourn my tragic loss. Mabey a little. Anyhow, unless i am hit with a Huge wave of boredom i probubly will not continue any storys i have. You can have them if you like! Just send me a message and so on. Buh bye now ^_^

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Sep 21st, 2014

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quizzes What royal person are you? 09/18/2011
quizzes Which Vocaloid are you? 08/13/2011
quizzes WWYFF Hetalia *(The Sweetest Country They Know)* 07/29/2011
quizzes What Would the Hetalia Characters Think of You? (Long w/ Even Longer Results) 07/20/2011
stories A Day On Mobius 35 07/17/2011

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