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~Fell hopelessly in love, and now can call him mine... *I'm.one.of.the.lucky.ones*~

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Name: Allison =) Some favorites: video games- will waste much of my life playing- music-- Rascal Flatts. Paramore. Nickelback. Rise Against. Green Day. 30 Seconds To Mars. Blink 182. Shine Down. OneRepublic. The All-American Rejects. Linkin Park. (Etc etc) actors-- Jamie Bell. Alexander Ludwig. (so many, many more) Other Account: percyjackson4ever22 (...never use) youtubes: rascalflattsawesome (main) & JamieBellCrazeeFan (side)

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December 11, 2012

Oh... My... Cato

NEW POST! Ahhh! It may not be all the action you've been craving, but I wanted some conversation between them! I wanted a different side of Cato- I wanted a reason for them to be so close. I mean... I fell like they're soul mates and thats that. But... I think about it, and they really don't know a whole lot about each other. I wanted somes of thats! So... Hope you like the new chapter, sorry it's a bit on the short side, but loves it anyways :P haha would LOVE some feedback and any ideas! Thank you for sticking around with me!
Love you my little Cato lovers!

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