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January 2, 2013

Beginning of a Story

(Warning: This story will have swearing in it even though I am not the swearing type some of my characters are. Since my mom's laptop will soon die and I have no where else to save this I'm saving it in my journal.)
A Demon's Slave:

"Ivan, what the hell are you doing?"
"You're doing it again," Shane said to him. "You were muttering while staring off into space.Again."
"I was?"
"Honestly man, I don't gethowyou don't notice it." Shane's head turned back to face the road. "Oh god!" In an instant the whole car gave a lurch right before it came to an immediat halt. Out in front of them was a white elantra, and up ahead the stoplight was yellow. Ivan wrapped his hand around the front of his neck.Ugh, he hated when that happened.
"God," Shane said, leaning back in his seat with a blank face.
"At least you noticed in time," Ivan grumbled leaning back in his seat as well.
"Barely! This isn't a joke, it's fucking serious Ivan! If I crash this car my life could be over!"
"Ok! I'm sorry, alright?"
Elizabeth was a really nice girl, and Ivan couldn't blame his friend for being so worried about messing up her car. The two had been together since seventh-grade, and Shane always told him that he couldn't bare to lose her. It was understandable, even though Ivan himself never really cared for relationships. It definitely shown how much Shane's girlfriend trusted him.
"It's...fine..." A sigh came from him. "You've gotta quit doing that, though. Really, it's getting creepy."
Ivan turned his face around to stare out the windshield again, and angled his pupils up at the streetlight. In his mind he was counting the seconds now in his head.
Why was it taking so long to turn green?
Only if Shane knew just how much he was addicted to it. He couldn't quit, even if it was creepy to everyone. No, it wasn't drugs like a normal teen would get addicted to. It was both a habit and a hobby to Ivan. Telling him wasn't an option either. His friend would think that he was ridiculous!
This was getting boring...

"Youth was once where they thrived
Until it became the sorce for corruption
Unaware and blinded, they let it take control
Trapping them as their souls decayed."

"Huh?" Ivan looked at Shane again, who was giving him this suspicious look.
"You're muttering again..."
No words came out of Ivan's mouth, and the green light finally flashed. The white elantra began to move forward, and soon Elizabeth's indigo mazda 6 was roaming the streets again. There was an awkward silence between them as they continued searching.
"We're never gonna find it," Shane mumbled, taking a left turn.
"It's a small mansion found on Drewer Lane," Ivan repeated.
"It has to be somewhere around here."
"There's the sign." For a moment he pointed at the street sign with the white words Drewer Ln. imprinted on it. "To the right."
"Finally." Shane moved the wheel to the right and the mazda 6 gave a smooth turn into the lane.
"There, right there."
It was clear where their destination was. Tons of cars were parked on the sides of the road. They slowed down, and looked out at the brightly lit building. One guy was obviously drunk out of his mind as he staggered away from the crowd waving one arm in the air, before face-planting into the grass.
"Yep, this is definitely the place," Shane said.
"Come on, let's go find him." Once his seatbelt slid off of him Ivan opened up the door and leaped out. God, he was gonna kill that chick! If his father came home and found Joseph drunk, he'd be dead. Joseph was only fourteen, a freshman! He wasn't meant to go to these kinds of parties.
Apparently though Joseph's girlfriend had talked him into going. Of course Kayla wouldn't have ever done such a thing in her own will. Kayla Terran was a really innocent girl, and was also extremely emotional at that. Joseph had admitted to him that he was confused why his girlfriend was going to the party in the first place, but Ivan had an idea of what had happened, and he was going to murder the one responsible for this mess.
After they'd both entered through the front doors, Shane had shouted through the loud ear-blowing music, "I'm gonna go look around up stairs! You keep an eye out down here!" Ivan's friend then disappeared into the swarm of teenagers, and Ivan gave a glance towards the staircase before he walked into the mass.
So many people from his school were here as well as people he didn't even recognize. "Gangnum Style," was bursting through the air mixed with the sounds of people yelling. There was no sign of Ivan's younger brother yet.
"Well,lookat who decided to show up."
"Where is he?" Ivan growled as he felt himself push the girl up against the wall. "Where's my brother?"
There was no sign of shock or fear in Carmen's green eyes after he'd slammed her onto the solid wall, she just stared back at him, like she'd expected him to do that to her.
"I don't know, odds are he's getting high somewhere around here," she answered like it was no big deal. "So I guess you'll have to stay here until you find him." Carmen pulled back her hazel-colored bangs. "I could still keep you company, you know."
"I hate you," he hissed before he let go of her and turned to walk away. As much as he wanted to punch her, it would just be a waste of time. He needed to find Joseph as soon as possible and get him out of this drug house.
"Love you too babe," Carmen shouted at him.
That girl would've had a broken neck by then if he hadn't been holding in all his anger and frusteration. Without another word, he stormed off into the crowd, and continued searching for his younger brother. Knowing Carmen, he'd already guessed that she'd make up some scheme to get him to come, but it wascompletely unneccesary to bring Joseph and Kayla into the picture!
"Hey, Ivan! Come have a drink!" Randal yelled, stumbling over to hold a bottle of alcohol in his face.
"Quit it!" Ivan complained as he shoved the bottle away from him, making it slip out of Randal's fingers. Liquior spilled all over the floor when the bottle shattered into tons of pieces. Not wanting to witness Randel's fit or anyone stepping on the remains of the broken bottle, Ivan took off running.
"Fuck you ya emo freak!" The drunken Randel bellowed out at him, while the song changed to "Die Young," by Ke$ha.
God,thiswas why he didn't ever want his younger brother to come to things like this! People always got so screwed up at these parties. If Joseph started taking drugs it would be the end of both their lives.
"Ivan! Ivan!" he heard someone calling his name, and thanks to the extremely loud music he couldn't tell who it was.
"What?" he hollered.

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