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You have to make sacrifices...why is it that it is easier to do in a game than reality?

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October 27, 2005

My mom cussed at my health teach

It so funny. To day i had a docter appt. and my mom said that she would pick me up at 3pm. Well she got there a little early- 2:30. Well she called me on my cell, and the ringer was loud. At 2:30 i was in 6th period, health class. I looked at it and thhe teach said to cut it off. Well i pressed 'talk' and told my mom 'yeah. ok. i'm in class.' and hung up because the teach took away my phone. (i cut it off too) well after class i went to the teach and asked her if me brought my mom down to the class since she was in the attendance office. The teacher told my to cut on my phone and to display the last call- my mom. So she calls her on her cell (mom) and said, 'this is ms.______' i saw her face change. 'yes i picked up your daughter's phone and i will let her go with it, blah blah blah.' so i went to the attendance office and my mom told me that when my teacher called her she thought it was me so the first thing she said was "get your @$$ down here!" the she found out it was my teacher so she said sorry and blah blah blah.

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