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Hahaha-How's it going, bros?! My name is PewDie- You wish! xx

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You can call me Kara. 15. Otaku. Directioner. Little Mixer. I haven't been on here in almost two years now, but I think that's fine. My grammar and sentence structure has improved greatly since I was last here, so I'll probably go back and edit my stories sooner or later. Anyways, for now, enjoy my profile. If you have a request for a oneshot, send it in to me and I'll get to it as soon as I can! Thanks! Bye! xx

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stories Not Strong Enough
Published in Stories on 11/26/2013
stories ~Heart of Iron~ FMA romance
Published in Stories on 05/05/2012
stories Everything I Was... ((Toushiro's Death))
Published in Stories on 11/19/2011
stories Forever Baby ( An Alphonse Elric Love Story)
Published in Stories on 05/31/2011
stories Blinded By Love: An Emotionless Man Loves (An Itachi Uchiha Love Story)
Published in Stories on 05/31/2011


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July 20, 2012

; - ; Nothing Is Going According To Plan

; - ; I broke my brother's heart and I feel extremely bad . . . And for those curious, I might be getting to writing some fanfictions soon, and updating those in terrible need of it. X'( But for now, I shall sit at the computer sobbing inside my mind, since if I do it outwardly, I will most likely be yelled at . . .
And, on another note, I haven't talked to my boyfriend in a little over eight days now. ; - ; Oh, the pain inside me . . .
Did I mention my great grandmother is dying from Colon Cancer? No? Well, eyup, she is . . . ; O ;
e u e Well, I suppose I'm almost through. But to all you EdWin lovers who have been . . . well attacking me . . . Guess what? I STILL HATE THE PAIRING AND I ALWAYS WILL BECAUSE I HATE WINRY. D:< Besides, I've been told that Ed would love me more by quite a few people. So, guess what? -sticks tongue out at all of you EdWin lovers- :P Ed's mine! XD
Well, I do suppose I'm almost done. For any of you who would like a oneshot or a short story written with Anime, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The MuMmy, or Dukes Of Hazzard, let me know. I have A LOT of free time on my hands and I'm bored as all hell.

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