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Ciao. I am a deep teenage girl. I am an old soul and i seem way older than I actually am. I am into astrology and art of all forms. I want to be a writer or an artist of some sort. Can't stand modern music. I like music that nobody even knows. I am obsessed with bugs, but mostly butterflies. I have two dogs and a crazy little sister called Scoute.

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poems Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep
Published in Poems on 02/06/2013
poems Confusion of Distance
Published in Poems on 01/25/2013
poems Tinted Water
Published in Poems on 01/21/2013
stories Like Us.
Published in Stories on 01/15/2013
stories Unprepared and Backpacking
Published in Stories on 12/30/2012


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January 15, 2013


Today a friend of mine overheard a girl critizizing her own body, so he took the slice of pizza from her hand and ate it. Was he trying to give her the painful message that she was fat? She wasn't. But he might have made her feel that way. And i'm sensitive to the topic of eating disorders so it hit close to home for me. So i took the pizza out of his hand and threw it on the floor of our school. He took a bite out of my luch in retaliation. So i poured my entire carton of milk on his head. On his perfectly groomed sleek dark hair. It felt really good.

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Sep 18th, 2014

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