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Hey i'm phoenix. I'm a huge Hunger Games fan. Thats why my user name is GirlOnFire. ;) I love writing poems. I love making quizes for ppl to take, and i love taking them.(: I'm 15 . :D

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polls What did you think of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2?
Published in Polls on 11/18/2012
stories The way He's Not (Intro)
Published in Stories on 04/15/2012
stories The way He's Not (Prologue)
Published in Stories on 04/12/2012
poems So annoying
Published in Poems on 10/25/2011
poems Science
Published in Poems on 10/25/2011


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October 19, 2011

0ct 19th

sadness_1_.jpgI'm sick and tired of seeing him everyday. In the hallways, At lunch, On facebook, and in my mind ALL THE TIME. Why can't he just go away? But of course i don't want him to. Because i love him. I love him so much. Why do i have to love somebody that doesn't really know i exist. Or atleast its SO easy for them to forget...

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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quizzes what type of easter candy are you? 04/05/2012
poems The Phoenix to the Turtledove 09/23/2011
poems Satan's Angel 09/10/2009

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