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I love the night. It's the only time I feel really alive.

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Hello. You can call me HauntedLove or my name.. Which is Crystal, I like anime, art, dancing and especially writing. I'm 16 if anyone wants to know and a wattpad user as well. Check out my stories. :) Tell me what you think.... Or give me ideas to make my stories better. Whatever.

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poems She Brings The Rain
Published in Poems on 06/27/2013
quizzes Are You Leather Or Lace?
Published in Quizzes on 09/01/2012
stories A Thousand Years ~Ch.3~
Published in Stories on 05/12/2012
stories A Thousand Years ~Ch.2~
Published in Stories on 04/08/2012
poems You.
Published in Poems on 04/07/2012


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February 4, 2013


Well I just realized I haven't been on this site in months and it's 2013 and I have neither finished nor produced any new material.
I think that should be changing soon... and not like a few month "soon" like, probably this weekend! Because I kind of miss it. :)

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Sep 30th, 2014

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