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Ohaai person-who's-visiting-my- profile. *waves* My name's Alyssa. :D I'm usually really nice if you try to talk to me, but if you piss me off then, well, yeah, I'll be angry. xD I love writing. And I love music. That's about it. Message me if you want - I reply to each and every one, and yeah. OH, bythway, I have a second/back-up account. It's HelloGoodbyeexD .. lmfao. Okay, well, bye for now. :)

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stories Above Everything (Andy Biersack / Kellin Quinn story) Chapter 26
Published in Stories on 11/18/2013
stories Above Everything (Andy Biersack / Kellin Quinn story) Chapter 25
Published in Stories on 09/24/2013
quizzes Emo Heaven (#10)
Published in Quizzes on 09/15/2013
stories Above Everything (Andy Biersack / Kellin Quinn story) Chapter 24
Published in Stories on 07/28/2013
quizzes Emo Heaven (#09)
Published in Quizzes on 07/01/2013


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November 18, 2013

UPDATE! obviously

Sooooo, the last time I updated my journal was a while ago so I'll just update it again now.

Anywho, I have some stuff to say that feels like I'm breaking up with you guys and Quizilla.

Don't worry, though!

It's just that, while I love Quizilla and everything, it does have it's flaws and I'm just not feeling it any more, unfortunately.

I've been posting stories on another site, Quotev.

If you guys wanna check that out, here's the link:


I'm not giving up on Quizilla. I'll still post some stuff here, maybe.

But for now I'm on Quotev and if you're gonna miss my stories (if you are then wow i love you) just check out Quotev.

So yeah, that's it.

Stay rad, dudes. c:

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Sep 20th, 2014

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