HelterSkelter369's Journal

August 26, 2012

HEYYY!!!!! It's been forevarrr

Sooo...I felt like coming on quizilla again! woot woot! and I'm probably gonna be on more since I'm doing some personalized shites! But honestly I probably won't be updating stories as much but you can still message me and whatnot so yaa!!! PARTY TIME!

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September 6, 2011

K, I ain't gonna lie...

I'm honestly not gonna be on here a lot anymore alright. So I may try to finish my stories but it's gonna be very slow cause I mean, I've started high school now and I've got other things to focus on so I may only come on occasionally but honestly quizilla's changed my life k, and y'know i still love it here but I've just found other things i need to do. But i still love you all k.

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June 14, 2011

So it's been awhile

AND I HAVE LOTS TO TELL YOU!! I HAVE ONLY 3 MORE DAYS LEFT OF JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES!!!!! Then i have my PATs but whatever, they suck, and then I have Phys Ed summer school but WHO GIVES A FUCK. Alright so I gotta tell you about science class today. So my best friend who's naturally hyper decided to buy an energy drink and drink it before and during science class. IT WAS SOO FUNNY I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE TO YOU THE MADNESS THAT WENT DOWN. Soooo funny. Seriously I made a list of symptoms that occured from her drinking the energy drink and it was like one really cramped page long. Okay also, I was studying for my PATs and you know what I found? A typo in the key study guide which is issued by Alberta Education. So I wanna write and angry business letter to the province now,explaining to them the importance of typing properly and why we shouldn't have PATs. AHHH I can't think of what else to tell you all, there's so much coming up, like my grad and shit. Oh yeah on a sad note my great grandma died a little while ago and the funeral's on friday so that's kinda sad especially cause now a whole generation of my family is dead :( Anywaysss I'll try to update my stories soon but not too soon cause I've got exams then grad and a few separate parties and then summer school so yeah it might not be for about another month. Sorry. Meanwhile you can look back at my old stuff and continue to message me, I'm on pretty much every day. Okay that's all for now...bye.

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April 29, 2011


I'm feeling good today, i dunno why, well okay I do. I feel like I've made accomplishments today, like I've almost got fast-picking on guitar down. I actually understood my science class today and I also seem to be writing pretty well today (if I don't say so myself). Maybe it was my getting carried away on my HLAT writing test yesterday. Yes my friends it's that time of year again, where they commence the standardized testing season. woop dee friggin doo. Anyways, this year the prompt was like "if you were an inventor, what would you invent" and I chose to write about the hyperdrive, or warp coil or whatever you wanna call it. Ya know that WARP 9 thing from star trek, yeah i know the idea's not really mine, but I would take the idea and make it happen! So yeah it kinda got me in writing mode. Which is good cause I have my PATs coming up in a few weeks, the writing ones, yup I have to write PATs for french and english language arts, aaah the joys of french immersion. Thank god I'm getting out of it next year and going to an arts school. THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES, AN ARTS SCHOOL BE FUCKIN JEALOUS!! Lol jk, but seriously, it's gonna be friggin amazing, like I went to that school for elementary (it's a K-12 school) and god I cannot wait to go back there! OH MY GAWD I almost forgot to tell you, I am officially in my school's grade 9 fashion show! Basically I get to model awesome clothing from kickass stores (some of which I could never afford) on a runway as a fundraiser for Japan! So basically if you're in the McKernan area of Edmonton on May 12th you should come, otherwise, you can just wish me luck...or not...whatever...see if I care. Anywaaays that's all..I think..okay I should stop now, bye.

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April 23, 2011


okay so last night my mom and I had a friggin Star Trek:TNG marathon and it was AMAZING!!! Sooo we only watched 3 episodes but still, it was quite enjoyable. And I discovered that Wesley Crusher makes my day, idk why, he just does and I gotta encorporate some trekkiness into my stories. So that's all I gotta say, how was your day?

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April 10, 2011

Contestant 69

okay so if you have not read the latest chapter of my beatles/monkees x-over then you should because this journal entry has a lot to do with it. So basically I need suggestions for contestant 69 in the pageant. I have a few ideas and I'll put them in a poll with their pics. So criterias are:
-must be a famous person from the late 60s or early 70s
-must be someone who is pretty kickass
-must be someone who would not likely enter a pageant, this way i can develop a story behind it
-preferably a male
there is no age requirements so just comment telling me their name, age, where I might know them from and a link to their picture, optional info includes: the backstory of why they are in the pageant and a video of them doing whatever they do.So yeah, that is all. please give me some ideas

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March 15, 2011


GUESSWHATGUESSWHATGUESSWHAT!!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! WOOT!!! yeah so as you may know I am, as of today 15 years old!! I'm sooo happy. Anyways I'm having a party this weekend with a few friends and WE'RE GOING BOWLING!!!! Yes i have been planning this for about a year now and it's finally happening!!! I cannot wait. So if you wanna send me presents....that would be amazing although you don't know my address and I'm not gonna post it on the internet all i will say is that I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. So have fun finding me, oh yeah and I'm not the only one in my family with a birthday today, it's also my grandpa's birthday so you can't just call up everyone in edmonton and ask if it's their birthday. But i know you can find me you little stalkers. Yes I caught you stalking me, I know that you creep my profile every day and you've read all my journal entries and if you happen to be one of my facebook friends, you've creeped my fb profile too. Yeah so I get pizza tonight...and cake and then on the weekend I get more cake oh yeah and imma gettin presents this week!! YAY!!!!! Alright enough of me ranting on and on and on, now go back to stalking me you little creeps (just kidding I love you all, unless ur a pedo)

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March 11, 2011


Today seems to be my lucky day! I mean good things just keep happening to me, i mean lunch was entertaining and I'M STILL AN HONOURS STUDENT!!! So yay for me i can get into IB in high school! Alright so that's one thing off my mind. K so i got an important announcement for y'all (since when do I say y'all?) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN 4 DAYS!!! so you should all send me a birthday present, even though you don't know my address, oh well, FIGURE IT OUT DUMBASSES (just kidding I love you all, you're not dumbasses :P). Alrighty so that's all I gotta say oh and yes my leo postcard is doing fine, i have to spend the whole weekend without it :( but oh well I STILL HAVE MY BEATLES POSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exclaimation marks ftw!! Yeah that's it bye for now.

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February 13, 2011


IT'S PETER'S BDAY LET'S PARTYY!!!!! Okay yeah so as you may have guessed it's Peter Tork's bday! I made him a cake even, well actually that cake is kinda shared between him and Jesse Spencer (dr chase on the show house *drools*) who's bday was yesterday but whatever so yeah I'm havin a "party" ish thing whatever and theoretically Peter is here but he's really not so yeaaah! hey! i need to watch monkees episodes! that would be sooo awesome! Anyways I also have to write some stories so stay tuned for those amazing little things. I just realized how wrong that sounded (if you have a perverted mind). Soo i feel like asking you people a question..hmmmm.....how aboouuttt ooo i have an idea, you see me and my bff Sophia are sorta conducting this survey to see if Leo DiCaprio is terribly sexy and so far the stats are approximately" 83.44444444444 percent think that he is terribly sexy and 16.6666666666 percent think that he's not but the survey was only conducted on 6 subjects including Sophia and myself soo leave a comment telling me if you think that Leo DiCaprio is terribly sexy or if he's not (but if you supported my side and said that he was terribly sexy then that would make my day...just sayin') So yeah byeeeeeeeeeee

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February 3, 2011


Okay so thanks to Leo I friggin love tigers now and I wanna make a cake with a pic of a tiger on it and send it to him (i even drew what i want it to look like).Yeah, I seem to be obsessed with cake for some reason and I have no idea why, like I'm always trying to get some sort of cake and my friend owes me strawberry cheesecake. Btw it's her b-day tomorrow!!! So yeah you should wish Evilmastermind8000 a happy birthday cause i know it would make her day, and she's probably not gonna find out i said this so yeah...Interims are tomorrow and I'm a little nervous but I mean it ain't that big of a deal, it's only interims it's not like i get a donut for marks on them.

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January 28, 2011

Woot! Shutter Island Today!

Sooo i got school off today now guess what I'm gonna do! That's right imma watch Shutter Island bitches!!! Yeah so I thought it sounded cool but since i hear it's sorta scary imma watch it in broad daylight so that I don't end up clinging to my chair too much. I think after I watch it i might have sort of an elvis movie marathon and just watch as many elvis movies as i can but i dunno yet, i might save that for tomorrow. Anyways if you wanna leave a comment, leave one reccomending some good movies (and if they just happen to star Leonardo DiCaprio than that's amazing but ya know they don't have to) oh and i also need a recommendation on something that's playing in theatres right now cause I told my friend I'd find a movie to see for her bday party so yeah byeeee

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January 22, 2011

Inception, Titanic and other shit

Alright so yeah it's been awhile but i'm baaack! and now I'm gonna tell you about two amazing movies that i saw! First off, Titanic, saddest movie ever, it made me cry (and I never cry) but i loved it all the same (i mean how can you not love a movie that stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a friggin amazing super intelligant artist who also happens to know how to party which is why was so sad when his character died and i just gave away the ending for you all?) yeah so i ADORE that movie and i really don't care that it makes me cry. Second, Inception OMG biggest Mindfuck ever but it still love it! And the ending seemed pretty clear to me even though everyone says it's not so whatever I thought it was pretty straight forward but i dunno maybe it's just the side of me that loves happy endings that's taking over. Also I don't think I'm gonna write anymore of my Beatles restaurant story cause I'm honestly not enjoying writing it, I might write a final chapter and then do aknowledgements and all but I'll try to finish with it by the end of the month. Another thing, I'm thinking of posting a new story, it's called Nestorklson Land and basically it's just a a story about my dream world and it's going ons. It's in a diary format and it tells the story from the point of view of all the characters involved so yeah, I'm debating whether i should post it or not. let me know what you think.

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January 8, 2011

hehe sorry i haven't updated

okay so yeah sorry I've been super lazy lately plus school's back :( so i don't have as much time on my hands. I will try to update my stories more and my journal but I am sorry to say that I will no longer be posting my outfit of the day cause I'm way to lazy. So yeah keep messaging me and keep checking cause I'm gonna be updating hopefully soon (not this weekend cause I have a reading response ACCCCCKKKK).

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December 31, 2010

and this my friends...shall be the last journal entry of 2010

alrighty sooo the title says it all. This year has seriously been AMAZING, i met a bunch of cool people on here and I developed my writing but other than that, I think i really kinda figured out what I wanna do with my life (you should all know what that is by now). So thank you beatle/monkee minions and peoples. You're all amazing!!! and that was extremely corny but hey! ya gotta have some kinda corny end of the year speech all the time right? Right! Okay so my plans for new years eve: Sophia (aka evilmastermind8000) is coming over for a sleepover at my place and it's gonna be one hell of a party!!! We're gonna watch monkees episodes and be awesome and stuff like that!!! Okay so here's my new years eve outfit

it's pretty basic, just a black dress and of course my hat!

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December 29, 2010


Okay so obviously my journal post from yesterday didn't post so it looks like i gotta tell you all that everytime I do a jounral post (hopefully every day) I'm gonna put a picture of the outfit I'm wearing that day just so you can all see my style and stuff and if I like my makeup on that particular day then I'm gonna put a close up of that.

Soo...here's today's outfit of the day


this is one of my new dresses that I got shopping a few days ago (i got that hat at that same time) I reeeally loove this outfit, i think it makes me look more sophisticated.

I also just gotta show you my eyes, cause I love them today

it's kinda hard to see but I used pinks today and didn't put on as much eyeliner, if you're wondering how I did this look or in general if you're wondering how I do my hair, makeup or even where I get my clothes just message me and I'll let you know. All I'm gonna say about my makeup here is that for the base colour of this i used one of the colours in my new Kat Von D palette (it's the tattoo chronicles palette volume 1 btw) and I absolutely ADORE that palette I'm definately gonna buy it again when I use it all up and I got it for an AMAZING price ($51 canadian, it would be cheaper in the US, just so you know, idk about other countries). So yeah I think that the eyes i did today make me look sorta like a doll so I've decided that I wanna be a barbie doll next halloween just so that I can do these eyes.

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December 26, 2010

Performance Opportunity and What I got for Christmas

Alrighty so i wanna start off by telling you all that I recieved a performance opportunity. Someone in my class is organizing a charity fundraiser concert and she's said that i might be able to perform!!! Okay so i wanna tell you what i got for christmas. Alrighty I got, lotsa cash, a few itunes giftcards which i already used up, a wallet, a keychain, a wem card (which i can use anywhere at west ed mall), a pair of earrings, a necklace, nail polish, toe separators (for painting my toenails) and a pointless guitar book that has a bunch of things i already know in it. Okay so that's all i wanted to tell you my Beatle/Monkee Minions and Peoples. So yeaaahh.

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December 24, 2010

Something i forgot to tell you

Okay so ya know how I've been calling all you people who read this Beatle Peoples, well i was thinking today that it's time to promote those of you who have been loyal followers of my journal to BEATLE MINIONS!!! The rest of you who have not been long time loyal followers are still Beatle Peoples but if you keep reading my entries you shall soon be Beatle Minions. Yeah so i just wanted to let all you groovy chicks and cats that most of you have been promoted to Beatle Minions in my magical, theoretical Beatle/Monkee army. Hey! i just thought of something else, the Beatles fans who read this are the Beatle Minions and the Monkees fans who read this are the Monkee Minions and if you love both (like myself) then you shall be called the MONKEATLE MINIONS!!! HELL YEAH!!! Okay, I'm done now

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December 24, 2010

Randomly blabbing

Alrighty so I know that I haven't been updating my journal as much but I kinda miss it so I think imma go back to updating almost every day (at least for the rest of christmas break). So, let's talk about my day. Today was average, my dad cut a branch off a tree and then me and my mom turned it into our christmas tree, it's pretty lame but i guess it's better than nothing. I designed the paper star for it, it's all psychadelic and awesome and stuff like that. Other than that, there was my dad yelling at my mom and I for using up most of the raspberry salad dressing that apparently we were supposed to take to christmas eve dinner tomorrow night but nobody told me that. Oh and then after supper me and my parents watched a Charlie Brown Christmas and the awesome animated version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas from 1966. Also my dad started taping the Price is Right again. Yes my family is very strange, which sorta explains why I turned out how i did. So yeah, there's really nothing else to say but i should have more within the next two days. Two family dinners, both with family from my dad's side woop dee doo (well at least I get free food and gifts).

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December 20, 2010

Name Change decision

So I've been thinking and I've come to the decision that when I turn 18 I'm gonna change my name cause I've recently taken a liking to the name Valleri. Now I'm not just gonna change my first name, I'm also gonna change my middle name because Valleri Sylvia Faulkner sounds kinda dumb (even just Valleri Faulkner sounds dumb) so I wanna change my middle name to George cause I wanna break some gender barriers here. So there you have it my full name shall be Valleri George Faulkner, i think that sounds pretty cool, don't you, yes you agree with me.right? Right. RIIIGHT??? good!

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December 17, 2010


ZOMG THE CHRISTMAS DANCE WUZ SOOO AWESOME!!! Okay so i went and requested twist and shout and THEY PLAYED IT and not only that but they then played This Boy and i didn't even request it!!! Yeah they also played you really got me by the kinks and shout by the isley brothers so that wuz pretty cool! Oh and I'm getting a root touch up on monday!! FINALLY!!! So yeah, Imma try to update more during the holidays but I'm a lazy person so idk

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