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Hi i am Britany, i am 15 and im also a multi-anime fan-fiction writer. i mainly dabble in yaoi. I take requests for stories so dont be shy. I would be glad to be anyones friend on here.... =^_^= Most anime series i write bout 1.FMAB 2.Black Butler 3.Fruits basket 4.Blue exorsists 5.Naruto Shippuden 6.Nabari no ou 7.Bleach 8.One Piece 9.Inuyasha 10.D-gray man 11.Samarai x 12.Prince of tennis 13.School Rumble 14.Hetalia 15.Hikaru no go 16.Durarara 17.Soul Eater

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March 1, 2012

YAY! Im writing more stories!

Okay sorry i havent been on in a while! For the month of march here are soe things i may get done and post!

1.OHSHC Haruhi's Misery chapter 3

2.Kiba's gentle side (naruto shippuden one-shot)


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Sep 18th, 2014

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stories Twisted Desires and a Sick Excuse 02/24/2012
stories Ouran High School Host Club-Haruhi's Misery chapter 2 01/28/2012
stories Ouran High School Host Club-Haruhi's Misery Chapter one. 01/26/2012
lyrics Wish You Were Here-A.L 01/22/2012
lyrics My Heroine-SilverStein 01/20/2012

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