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I'm 16 years old, have my ears double pierce, my left is triple, my belly is pierced and i have a tattoo, plus my hair is pink! i'm unique and livin it up in the middle of no where! i write anything and everything if it happens to dance through my thoughts. Message me if you wanna talk or just be friends, :)

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stories Harry Potter Life for Mcfan08
Published in Stories on 05/07/2012
stories Hotmail sucks....
Published in Stories on 04/25/2012
stories ~Harry Potter Life~ For Henna
Published in Stories on 04/12/2012
stories Chapter 1...
Published in Stories on 03/27/2012
stories Vampire Knight Life filled out form
Published in Stories on 03/19/2012


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May 7, 2012

Harry Potter Life

I am soooo sorry to everybody who was kind enough to try out my Harry Potter Life Quiz, i havent posted any because i havent had anytime to write or post them. Its the end of the school year and my teachers feel that this means they must burry everyone in major tests, important speeches, stupidly complex projects and whatever else that crosses their fancy. i sincerely hope you can forgive me and again i'm sorry. but i will finish them all and hey, better late than never right?

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stories Vampires! Werewolves! Fairies! What the fuckle?! 04/25/2012
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quizzes Part 31 WWFFY a demon, vampire, Neko or Fallen Angel? 03/03/2012
poems Music Box 02/07/2012
poems Dancing in the Rain 02/11/2006

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